Reverse Cuts in Retirement Benefits for Current Members of the Military and Disabled Veterans

Congress will do nothing to stop the out of control spending in Washington and now they are forcing our military heroes to suffer

House Republicans caved to Senate Democrats insistence that their poor outcome of their failed leadership and out of control spending be put on the backs of our military.  Though the IRS sent over $4 billion dollars to undocument immigrants in 2010, they have now cut benefits for current members of the military and disabled veterans.  

I do not believe distinguished members of the military should ever suffer due to poor leadership in Washington.   If you agree I encourage you to join me in signing this petition to reverse these cuts to military retirement benefits.    

The Senate Democrats said it was only fair for military retirees to share in the budget cuts as part of the supposed “bipartisan” budget deal announced and hastily passed by the House of Representatives last week.  So the turncoats in Congress decided to save $20 billion on the backs of brave military men and women that already served their country and already retired. 

These military service members have done  everything according to the rules, yet rather than curb their out of control spending, Congress  is willing to change these rules for our military heroes.  

This is unacceptable and I hope you join me in asking Congress to reverse these cuts that are disrespectful to our military heroes.  

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Mar 31st, 2016
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Jan 15th, 2015
Darin L. from Clark, SD writes:
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All I ask is that Congress honors the agreements made to us veterans. When Congress makes a choice to fund illegals and cut funding to veterans I have a problem with where their loyalty lies.