Tell Congress: Defend Military Voting Rights!

Make sure that Congress holds the Department of Justice accountable & ensures that America's warfighters get to vote!

Far too many of America's proud military men and women have been disenfranchised in the last few elections.  Those who risk their lives for our freedom deserve to have their vote counted. The state of Ohio recognized this and in compliance with the 2009 federal Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act, passed laws ensuring that service members & their families have the extra time to fully participate in federal elections. Unfortunately Obama for America (OFA) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) disagrees, which is why they have filed a law suit to deny these military voting rights in Ohio – even though President Obama signed the MOVE Act into law!  Now, he is hypocritically challenging Ohio’s law, calling it “unconstitutional,” “arbitrary,” and with “no discernible rational basis.”  But without this law, too many of our heroes will not have the chance to make their vote count.  That can’t happen!

As Bob Carey, Senior Fellow for the National Defense Committee (NDC), explains “The entirety of federal and Ohio military voting protection laws is based on the fundamental premise that military voters need more time just have an equal chance of successfully casting an absentee ballot.  The National Defense Committee calls on President Obama to direct his campaign to immediately withdraw this lawsuit, and protect the military voting rights of all military voters.”  

Instead of encouraging our service men and women to vote, this lawsuit seeks to suppress their voices while they courageously serve our country. NDC won’t let that happen. On August 2, NDC moved to intervene in this unjustified lawsuit. But this issue is too important to wait around for the courts. We need Congress to act!  Congress passed the MOVE Act – and President Obama signed it - to protect our military, and now it's time that Congress made sure the Department of Justice does its job and enforces the law, and that President Obama stops this shameless hypocrisy.  Do we want another election where tens of thousands of America's military men and women - and their families here and abroad - won't have their voice heard?  Send this clear message to Congress:  Stand up for America's heroes and make sure their voice is heard.

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Vets: Time to stand tall again!
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It's time for Americans to stand up against injustice in our country.
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Ensure they vote
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